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UPDATES from 28 of December 2009 to
2 of January 2010

News added at January 02, 2010 - Clip is big! 6 minutes so be patient for download :
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Updates for January 01, 2010. We wish you HAPPY NEW 2010 YEAR!
2 big sample clips from Divine Bitches . It looks like Kink.com have stopped their big f/m femdom site Men in Pain (the last update was from October 23) and started Divine Bitches instead. At Divine Bitches, submissive male slaves submit to female domination at the hands of legendary Domme Maitresse Madeline and her gang of skilled and ruthless Dominatrices. Divine Bitche.com is the finest FemDom site on the web, incorporating all material from Kink.com's Men in Pain.com. All members of DivineBitches.com get access to the complete Men in Pain.com archive.
Clips are big (17Mb each), so please let time to download. Enjoy :
Maitresse Madeline has two slaveboys on hand during her live launch day performance. Jack Hammer and David Chase fight to be the better slave to serve Madeline. Watch as Madeline and her slaves interact with the viewing audience. The show is jam packed with all of Madeline's favorite teases and tortures that she love to do to her slaves. Chastity, tease and denial, CBT, foot worship, trampling, strap-on ass fucking, humiliation, service, ass and pussy worship and so much more!

CEO Alexis Golden is sick and tired of the bike messenger delivering her mail late everyday. It's safe to say this will be the last day he's ever late again! Alexis uses him like her personal little bitch toy. She bends him over her desk pulling his pants humiliatingly around his ankles and open hand spanks and flogs him. She ties her paper weight around his nutsack and makes him worship her pussy and ass through her pantyhose. His legs are pushed high in the air and he's fucked deep in his puckered asshole. She ties his cock up nice and tight, climbs on top of him and fucks the living shit out of his cock. When he's finally allowed to cum she smothers his face with his own filth and he's made to work the rest of his route with his own sperm all over his face!

NEW! Updates for December 31, 2009. We wish you HAPPY NEW 2010 YEAR!
New exclusive "strapon forced bi" POV clip from Goddess Vittoria and friends from Humiliation POV . Enjoy :)

Enter Humiliation POV -

XXX Photo Contest - new photos added. Very big and absolutely free archives. 15 femdom categories. Enter XXX Photo Contest

Femdom TGP updated - a lot of new galleries added. No blind links.

NEW! Updates for December 30, 2009
Added December 30, 2009 - New big (32 MB) trailer from Mistress Jennifer . A lot of cruel femdom action. Mistress Autumn resplendent in red has slave squirrel balls totally bound to Her new chair and helpless. She starts to finger poke his cock and balls. Her long blonde hair grazes his cock as She grabs the humbler attached to his balls and tries to pull his balls from his body. Poking and teasing the trapped cock, She laughs in his face. Moving to get the forceps She teases, twists and tugs on his sensitive nipples making him shout. She applies the nipple clamps and pulls and he screams in pain but cannot take his eyes from the beautiful blonde model who is torturing him. She takes a black spoon and scoops up juice from Her pussy, wet from his screams, and feeds it to him. See it here. Visit Mistress Jennifer to see much more.

Visit Mistress Jennifer

Updates of other good femdom sites :

Club Dom - 12/30/2009
Featuring Mistresses: Jean
Jean Bardot has her bitch restrained to a caning stock. She administered a brutal caning to this bitch just yesterday. However, she is still on a sadistic bend. She wants more. Jean smiles coyly at her trembling slave. He is shaking, knowing what is in store. Jean draws her cane back fires off one full force stroke after another to the slave's bruised and battered ass. "Why are you crying?" She laughs, "You know what you were signing up for when you became my slave." Jean is unbelievably cruel as she canes this slut with no mercy, The sparkle in Jean's eye is priceless. She enjoys every sadistic minute.
Enter Club Dom

Clips4sale - 298 new exclusive clips added. Watch their preview!

Humiliation POV Smoking Humiliation With Vanessa - 12/29/2009
You are a pathetic worthless piece of ash tray garbage. It sickens me just to be around you. I have to smoke to reduce the stress you cause just by your pathetic worm presence! Watch me puff into your ugly face. I bet you wish these beautiful lips were wrapped around your dick instead of this cigarette. Dream on loser! I’m a smoking hot bitch and you can’t have this!

Mistress Jennifer - December 29, 2009
Mistress Lia took slave Spartacus from behind and Mistress Monica turned so he could worship Her ass. Mistress Lia fucked him hard as Mistress Monica laughed with glee. She turnedf and whipped slave Spartacus as he was butt fucked. Wanting Her turn, Mistress Monica strode behind and impaled Herself in his backside. Mistress Lia had him tongue the bottom of both Her boots cleaned as Her partner busied Herself behind him. Mistress Lia fingered Herself to orgasm and then stood so slave could lick Her pussy juice clean as Mistress Monica continued to bury Her strap-on in his ass. Enter Mistress Jennifer

Pantyhose Supremacy - December 29, 2009
Mistress Eden has slave footboy over for the day to please and entertain her. Wearing her silky night shirt, bra, panties and pantyhose. Mistress Eden has her slave collared and leashed while wearing her favorite stockings. Mistress telling him he will be cleaning foe her. Not just her house but her ass and pussy. She places a few good stabs on slave footboys cock and balls with her spiked heels. Then makes him smell her sweet ass while on all fours. Mistress slips her hand inside her stockings and very wet pussy. She allows slave footboy a taste of her sweet pussy juice. Mistress then pulls slaves cock out from his pantyhose and gives it a few good squeezes. Enter Pantyhose Supremacy

Club Stiletto - December, 29 - Beginning Toilet Training (Video)
Mistress Roxy wants to take her slave to the next level of slavery... toilet training. To accomplish this task, it is important that he becomes addicted to her essences. Today, he is kneeling blindfolded in anticipation of his training. Mistress Roxy walks in and immediately shoves his head into her pussy. "LICK MY PUSSY," she commands. The slave does as he is told and the addiction process has begun. Next Roxy makes him lay on the floor and prepares to relieve herself on him. She strokes his cock so he will associate pleasure with the act of being her toilet. In time, she will merely command him to open wide and he will experience all the pleasure he needs just from serving as her toilet. That's how brainwashing works when training human toilets. Then Roxy begins to relieve herself.

December, 29 - Kate Learns to Trample (Video)
Mistress Roxy's cute, young friend wanted to see some of the things Roxy does with her slaves. Roxy took Kate into the dungeon and showed her the human carpet that she loves to trample. Kate was really nervous about trampling him because Kate is a heavy girl. She weighs 180 lbs (82 Kg) and she had never seen anything like this before. But with Roxy's encouragement, Kate got to feel what it's like to have a human carpet under her heels. Both Mistresses take turns walking on the carpet and at the end they both stand on him while he screams in agony. Enter Club Stiletto

The English Mansion - for updates for 30 of December : Suck It To Fuck It - Featuring Lady Natalie - Natalie brings her slave in for strapon fun. He is forced to orally worship her, as she pushes the strapon into his mouth. She then straps him to the bench and gives him a hard pounding until she is satisfied. Enter The English Mansion

XXX Photo Contest - new photos added. Very big and absolutely free archives. 15 femdom categories. Enter XXX Photo Contest

Added December 28, 2009 - Clip is big! 9 minutes long so wait for download.
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