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Started 03 of June, 2006. Updated 03 of June, 2006.

The site is for people who love female domination. New free femdom galleries, new free femdom sites, new pay femdom sites,
updates of free femdom sites, updates of pay femdom sites, articles about femdom, news of femdom blogs, etc.
You updated you femdom site? Send us the info about update. You can send us the info EVERY TIME you update your site.

Webmasters! We publish your info for free. Before you send us the info please be sure you put a direct link leading to our site.

The link must have this description: "Femdom News - fresh updates of femdom sites." The link must lead to http://www.femdomnews.com/
The link MUST be placed on the INDEX of your site or on your MAIN page. If you put our link on your "links page" your link also will be placed
on our "links page". I think it is fair. If you place our link on good place we also place info about your updates on our main page.

If you have an affiliate programm I will check and I will add your updates by myself. If I see I have no sign ups from your site I have no problem,
I will add your updates, but you care about to send me an info about your updates.

I don't care about how many visitors you send me. I need only the link in a good place, that's all.

To add updates send info to with subject "Femdom news from..."

If you update your site daily, you can send e-mails daily.

TGP and CJ sites trade

TGP and CJ sites owners - you also can send you sites but I check it and if you
have blind links,I'll add also info about blind links. For example: /// www.Xxxxxfemdom.com - updated , tgp, 40% of blind links.///

ALL CJ sites must add DIRECT LINK leading to my site + to return the same number of visitors I send.

I don't care about your site's updates. You send me an e-mail about your update - I publish it. You don't send - I don't publish. I have enough
my own sponsors to work with and they update their sites regulary so I have a lot of info to add.
You don't need my free traffic - don't send your info, that's all.

add "Submit page of Femdom News" to your favorites

One more time:
Link leading to my site must look like:

Femdom News - fresh updates of femdom sites


Femdom News - fresh updates of femdom sites


Femdom News - fresh updates of femdom sites