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Ms. Lemonde instructs a foot slave to worship her feet and legs. She knows exactly how she wants her soft legs and high arches to be worshipped. In a subtle yet demanding manner Ms. Lemonde directs the slave to lick, rub and clean her legs and feet, remembering the soft spot behind her knee. She demands the slave open his mouth and then deep throats her foot, washing it in his mouth. Then she wiggles her toes and inspects the job her slave has done. "Have you done a good job?" She asks. The slave fumbles, unsure how to answer. "That is okay," Ms. Lemond smiles, "You can keep licking my feet until you get it right, even if it takes days and days."
Jean Bardot runs a tight ship. She expects the slaves at her FemDom estate to be perfectly behaved. The regime on her slave farm includes monthly canings even when the slave has done nothing wrong. Monthly canings remind the slave of their lowly position in Jean Bardot's stable and, are quite enjoyable for the Mistress. Jean canes this slave brutally, reminding him all the while of his place as her slave.
Nina has a present for her house pet. She tells him that she has bought him something pretty and tosses him a bridle. Once Nina has her slut bridled up, she bends him over a table and slides her long black cock into his fuck hole. She grabs the reins and rides her slut like a pony. For extra measure, Nina has fastened a shocking collar on the slut's balls. She sends a jolt of electricity to the slut's balls whenever he tries to pull away. At one point the slut asks Nina to go easy on him. Nina laughs. "Easy? I don't understand easy." Then she feigns sympathy, slows down and ramps up the juice on the ball shocker. Nina hopes her slut likes having dick in his ass. She has decided that she is going to be giving him dick every day from now on
Veronica and Jean have their slut bent over the dining room table. Jean is riding his ass as Veronica drives her cock into his throat. The ladies are having a blast as they force the bitch to admit how much he loves dick. Veronica smacks the slut in the face with her strap on dick and makes him beg to suck it. Jean enjoys the show as keeps on drilling his ass. Then the ladies flip the slave onto his back and force him to jerk off. They laugh as she explodes all over himself. Not only did get double plugged but he enjoyed it! The Jean force feeds the bitch his own cum.
Gorgeous mistress in black leather outfit shows up at
Raina, Veronica and Laurie are quite possibly the most beautiful and cruel ball busters ever. They over take the house slave, grabbing his balls and demanding an explanation for why he should be allowed to keep them. The do not like his balls. They punch, kick, twist and beat his balls until the bitch can no longer stand. As the slave withers and moans in the floor, the ladies pounce on him. Laurie sits on the slave's face, holding him as Veronica and Raina continue on their mission to destroy his balls.
Mistress Jean is in a particularly sadistic mood. She has ordered her slave to get undressed and meet her in the entertainment room. Guess who is the entertainment? Jean tells her slave to jerk off. She wants to watch him cum. The slave is a catch twenty two. The more Jean kicks him, the harder it is for him to cum....and the longer it takes, the more Jean kicks him. Then she bends down and tells him that she is going to beat the cum right out of him. She starts smacking his tender balls, laughing all the while. Finally the slut spills his filth
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Updates for February 05, 2010.
Big exclusive clip from Princess Kali : Click on tyhe picture to watch clip :

Enter Princess Kali

Exclusive Video from Goddess Starla

Enter Femdom Bride HERE

Exclusive big strapon clip from Rapturevision

Enter Rapturevision

Very big free Video of The Day you can see HERE

Very good 2 min FRESH clip from Divine Bitches

This is an edited version of the LIVE Divine High Tea Party.
I threw a tea party with the Divine Bitches to welcome Goddess Isis Love into the Divine Bitches clan. This edited version is jam packed with all the best fem dom action sure to have your slave cock begging for release! The ladies and I demanded nothing but the best behavior from all three slaves and many orgasms ONLY for us while they remained denied or in chastity. There is so much going on it's just to much to write about. You'll just have to watch all the tease and torture for yourself! This update includes foot worship, toe sucking, humiliation, bondage, chastity, SPH (small penis humiliation), squirting, forniphilia (human furniture), pantyhose worship, ass worship, smothering, feminization, CBT (cock and ball torture), CFNM (clothed female naked male) and much more! This is sure to be one of your favorite updates all year!
Enter Divine Bitches
Enter Divine Bitches

New! Updates for February 04, 2010.
Big Exclusive 2 min strap-on clip from Rapturevision

Enter Rapturevision

Good big cuckold clip from Cum eating cuckolds : Oh, sweet Cindy has turned out to be more than a handful for her poor husband Les. That pleasure hole she keeps buried between her legs has turned out to be bottomless and he is completely impotent when it comes to stopping her from trying to fill it. There are only two things that Cindy worries about: fill the hole, keep the hole happy. This time around, Cindy's insatiable hunger for cock is going to lead Les down a path he may not be ready to follow her down; she wants him to join her for a little cock tasting party in the backyard!

You can see the clip also here

Enter Cum eating cuckolds

New! Updates for February 02, 2010.
Big good exclusive sample clip from Club Stiletto - the clip is VERY big (70MB) and high quality. Enjoy :

Enter Club Stiletto

New! Updates for February 01, 2010.
Big good exclusive sample clip from Ms Bijou Steal -
Facial Abuse
I love sexually harassing men. It is my privilege! One way to do this is to present them with a sexy body part and brutally torture them with it. In this case, I smother my slave with my gorgeous ass- smother being the key word here- this is not a comfortable face-sit! My slave puts up quite a struggle when I block his breathing....I loved every second of it!

ENTER Ballerina Gone Bad

Few recent strapon femdom and f/m strapon big clips : 2 min clip of Mistress penetrates crossdressed guy - 2 min clip of sissy guy penetrated by a chick with strapon and looking happy - 2 minutes clip of guy gets a dildo in the mouths and the ass after having sex with his girlfriend -

Updates of other good femdom sites :

Club Dom - 02/01/2010
Featuring Mistresses: Varla
Mistress Varla is beyond angry with her slave. She begins smacking him in the face and doesn't stop. As the slut's face turns beat red Varla keeps right on slapping him. She demands that he grab that useless tool of his and jerk off. Perhaps if he can rid himself of that filth he'll be able to think a little clear and stop pissing her off. Then, BAM! Varla smacks the slut again. She informs him that she is going to smack him in the face until he can spill that filth. The slave cannot get a break. Varla will not let up with her repeated hard smacks. Finally she shoves the slut to the floor. "That useless dick is broken. We'll have it removed tomorrow." Then she lays back in with even more face smacking. Varla stands to leave but, as an after though, she starts kicking him in the nuts HARD. Then Varla walks away leaving the broken slut crumbed in a heap on the floor.
Enter Club Dom ==============================

Mistress Jennifer - January 31, 2010 - Mistress Autumn guides Her tongue slut through more ass worship. He stiffens his tongue and face fucks Her with it as She grabs the back of his head and drives him in deep. Several minutes later She turns and tells him She will be instructing him on how to best lick Her pussy to orgasm. She explains he must lick from bottom to top very gently. He begins and She has him lick and suck Her until She starts to moan and get very wet. She continually pushes his head back which teases him and makes Her more sensitive. Some of the best pussy worship and tongue service we have ever shot is contained in this clip as Mistress Autumn gets wetter and wetter using Her tongue slave for Her pleasure.

Enter Mistress Jennifer

Pantyhose Supremacy - Amazon blonde Mistress Hollie rocks in rythym with Her strap-on as it slides in and out of marco’s backside. He squeals like a pig and She enjoys every moment of his discomfort at the end of Her cock. She pulls out and produces a gigantic black cock and hits him in the face with it, making him beg for the gigantic cock up his ass. He begs and She obliges, sliding it into his ass and controlling him at the end of the enormous shaft. She shows no mercy, driving it deep and hard.

Enter Pantyhose Supremacy

Rapturevision - 01/31/2010 - Smothered And Fucked 8! Starring: Mistress Athena. Mistress Athena smothers her slave's gasping face with her voluptuous Bubble ass! Wearing nothing but sexy red lingerie, Athena shows her greatest ass-ets when she puts on her strap-on cock and takes her slave for an anal-fuck funride! Enjoy

Enter Rapturevision

Femdom TGP - updated. many new galleries added. No blind links. Enter Femdom TGP - 10000's free pictures and movies in free archives

Humiliation POV - 01/30/2010
I just came back from the gym this morning and I am all sweaty. And before I take a shower, because you are such a dirty prick, you are going to lick the sweat off of my entire body!
I want you to sniff and lick my sweaty armpits, my dirty socks and feet. Then I am going to make you smell and lick my sweaty, nasty panties, you little slut! Don’t forget to sniff my sweaty ass! Do you like that Bitch!?

Enter Humiliation POV -

Best Femdom Video - Mistress Kinsey explained to slaveboy that his job was to help Her get satisfaction from tosha’s cock. He was to suck it hard and then lick Her pussy wet so She could play. She held the cock for Her young submissive and he duitifully began to suck the head. She coached him on cock sucking and then slid around and sat on tosha’s face and supervised whlile She ground Her pussy on the slave getting his cock sucked. Making males perform together always made Her extra wet and She turned and ordered slaveboy to lick Her from behind.

Club Stiletto - January 31, 2010 - Be MY Bicycle Seat (Video)
What guy out there hasn't imagined, at least once in their life, what it would be like to be a girl's bicycle seat? To be ridden and smothered without mercy and to endure all that sweat and aroma as she rides her bicycle for hours. Bouncing, grinding, pedaling... her ass and thighs pounding on your face? Well in classic LMA style we bring you the ultimate fantasy, with this Clip, as Mistress Jasmine does her cardio workout on a stationary exercise bike with a slave serving as her seat, for the entire time. Turns out it's absolutely brutal on the slave's face. You would barely recognize his squished face when it's over. You may wish to re-think whether you want to be a bicycle seat, after seeing this video... BUT, now is your chance to at least watch what it's like and decide for yourself. If you still want to be a bicycle seat after watching this clip... get hold of us! We don't want to totally burst the bubble on this fantasy, we have no doubt, millions of men have dreamed of being a bicycle seat, even our camera crew has fantasized about it, and despite second thoughts, when it was all over, all the men in the room unanimously agreed that they would still be Jasmine's bicycle seat anytime, anywhere.
Enter Club Stiletto

A Fucking Good Ride (Video)
If you enjoy seeing erotic riding and a Mistress getting genuine pleasure for the ride, then this is the video clip for you. Mistress T is dressed in very sexy business attire and approaches her horse with some very devious ideas for how she wants to ride him. She secures her new dildo harness onto his back and then teases him with a strip tease to get him worked up. The horse always gives such a good ride when he is worked up. Then she allows him a few sniffs of her ass to really make him a crazy stallion. She mounts the dildo on his back and with good rein control, she proceeds to extract the most exciting, pleasurable and wild ride of her life. The stallion is so worked up, he bucks and bucks and this serves to give Mistress T even more pleasure than she expected. The end result is what can best be described as... a fucking good ride! Enter Club Stiletto
Foot Dom United - 2010-02-01 - 54 photos added : Feet Slave - Mistress Emily puts her soft bare feet on her slave girl's lips and has her taste on them while she lazes on the sofa and enjoys the pleasure of her bare feet service from the loving tongue of her slave girl

The English Mansion - 1-st of February - Vixen's Shocking Spree. Featuring Mistress Vixen. Mistress Vixen wants to play with her electric toys and the slave is in for a rough ride. She starts with the violet wand, tormenting his very sensitive nipples and balls, before moving onto the Eros-tec and electrifying his cock and balls. Showing her usual brand of intense sadism, Mistress then inserts an electrified butt plug into the slave, which is controlled by a mike placed close to his ...
The English Mansion - 1-st of February - Mistress Sidonia's Blog Entry - Why I love a man in bondage
Enter The English Mansion
The English Mansion - 31 of January -The Ten Year Anniversary Pt 1 Featuring Lady Nina Birch & Miss Eve Harper - Tonight is the tenth anniversary of Eve Harper and Nina Birch's friendship, a day that changed their lives forever. They reminisce about the time Eve first walked in and saw Nina's sissyfied husband. A flashback takes us back and shows an intimate view of the punishment, training and ideas born out of that fateful day.

Mean Bitches - Feb 01 - Hooker in the Alley - Bridgette B - 1 video + 20 pictures

Mean Amazon Bitches - Feb 01 - The Angela Aspen 16 - 1 video + 20 pictures

Deviant David - Feb 01 - Cassandra Cruz 9 - 1 video + 20 pictures

Mean Dungeon - Feb 01 - Mistress Rosie 12 - 1 video + 20 pictures

XXX Photo Contest - new photos added. Very big and absolutely free archives. 15 femdom categories. Enter XXX Photo Contest

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