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Ms. Lemonde instructs a foot slave to worship her feet and legs. She knows exactly how she wants her soft legs and high arches to be worshipped. In a subtle yet demanding manner Ms. Lemonde directs the slave to lick, rub and clean her legs and feet, remembering the soft spot behind her knee. She demands the slave open his mouth and then deep throats her foot, washing it in his mouth. Then she wiggles her toes and inspects the job her slave has done. "Have you done a good job?" She asks. The slave fumbles, unsure how to answer. "That is okay," Ms. Lemond smiles, "You can keep licking my feet until you get it right, even if it takes days and days."
Jean Bardot runs a tight ship. She expects the slaves at her FemDom estate to be perfectly behaved. The regime on her slave farm includes monthly canings even when the slave has done nothing wrong. Monthly canings remind the slave of their lowly position in Jean Bardot's stable and, are quite enjoyable for the Mistress. Jean canes this slave brutally, reminding him all the while of his place as her slave.
Nina has a present for her house pet. She tells him that she has bought him something pretty and tosses him a bridle. Once Nina has her slut bridled up, she bends him over a table and slides her long black cock into his fuck hole. She grabs the reins and rides her slut like a pony. For extra measure, Nina has fastened a shocking collar on the slut's balls. She sends a jolt of electricity to the slut's balls whenever he tries to pull away. At one point the slut asks Nina to go easy on him. Nina laughs. "Easy? I don't understand easy." Then she feigns sympathy, slows down and ramps up the juice on the ball shocker. Nina hopes her slut likes having dick in his ass. She has decided that she is going to be giving him dick every day from now on
Veronica and Jean have their slut bent over the dining room table. Jean is riding his ass as Veronica drives her cock into his throat. The ladies are having a blast as they force the bitch to admit how much he loves dick. Veronica smacks the slut in the face with her strap on dick and makes him beg to suck it. Jean enjoys the show as keeps on drilling his ass. Then the ladies flip the slave onto his back and force him to jerk off. They laugh as she explodes all over himself. Not only did get double plugged but he enjoyed it! The Jean force feeds the bitch his own cum.
Gorgeous mistress in black leather outfit shows up at
Raina, Veronica and Laurie are quite possibly the most beautiful and cruel ball busters ever. They over take the house slave, grabbing his balls and demanding an explanation for why he should be allowed to keep them. The do not like his balls. They punch, kick, twist and beat his balls until the bitch can no longer stand. As the slave withers and moans in the floor, the ladies pounce on him. Laurie sits on the slave's face, holding him as Veronica and Raina continue on their mission to destroy his balls.
Mistress Jean is in a particularly sadistic mood. She has ordered her slave to get undressed and meet her in the entertainment room. Guess who is the entertainment? Jean tells her slave to jerk off. She wants to watch him cum. The slave is a catch twenty two. The more Jean kicks him, the harder it is for him to cum....and the longer it takes, the more Jean kicks him. Then she bends down and tells him that she is going to beat the cum right out of him. She starts smacking his tender balls, laughing all the while. Finally the slut spills his filth
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THE FETISH WORLD - Femdom Videos, Rubber Pics, free hardcore porns
LADY SCHOKOMAUS - Fetish Lady with big tits in Latex & Leather
BUSTY DIAMOND - Hot fetish Lady with big boobs get fucked
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Updates for February 19, 2010.
Exclusive clip from Young Goddess (click on the picture to download video - it is big (4 minutes - 65MB, so please give it a time for downloading) :

The slave has to give Angelina’s cock a nice long suck in front of the camera. He puts on a condom with his mouth and goes to work. Angelina watches, as the slave licks and sucks, occasionally grabbing him by the hair and shoving his mouth onto her cock. After it has been thoroughly polished, Angelina squats over the slave’s face and fucks his mouth. As she does it, she torments his nipples, pinching and pulling them. Angelina sits on the slave’s face in her jeans and continues to torture his nipples. Then she gags the slave, gets him on all four and fucks him. She fucks the slave doggy style and standing up, making him taste his own ass from the strapon . When done, she shoves her stiletto down his ass, making him lick it afterwards. Enter Young Goddess

Nice and big (4:27 minutes) femdom strapon and facesitting clip from Deadly Dommes . Hmm... I like her tits... MUST see :)

Enter Deadly Dommes

And here you can watch a very big (8 minutes clip from Rapturevision)
Very good clip. Enjoy! -
Super Nova Strap-on!
Mistress Nova
Is the debut of Rapturevision's newest Domme: Mistress Nova straps on her mighty femdom cock and plows whole-heartedly into her slave asshole while he moans in submissive anal pleasure! Extremely hot action from this sexy new domme

Enter Rapturevision

New! Updates for February 17, 2010.
Exclusive big (6:27 min.) clip from Deadly Dommes . It is very good clip (low resolution, but the have high quality and HD versions inside). The clip contains caning, humiliation, strap-on dildo femdom and pussy worship as well. MUST WATCH. This Mistress shows to the guy who is the Boss all possible ways. I'm sure he will remember it for years.
Here a description of this clip right from the site Deadly Dommes :
" Mistress Vanessa has a brand new virgin piece of meat! This young virgin man has an obsession with his new Mistress and the only way to make contact with her is to become one of her beaten and humiliated slaves! If he can make it through the painful stages of slave training she might decide to keep him...or she might laugh and chew him up just to spit him out. Let's see if this slave can handle having his ass turned into hamburger meat and brutally fucked by the viscous and sexy Mistress Vanessa. CLICK on the picture to watch the clip (big - 33MB) :

Enter Deadly Dommes to see more free samples. Highest qualty standarts of content.

New! Updates for February 16, 2010.
Exclusive 3.5 min. clip from Club Stiletto . Click on the picture to download. The clips is high quality and big. Please wait for downloading (72 MB) :

Enter Club Stiletto

Big clip about Mistress Carmen dominates male slave. To watch the clip click on "Play" arrow :

Enter Kinky Carmen

Big clip from Cum eating cuckolds :

There's really no point in doing things half-way. In for a penny, in for a pound is the mantra Dahlia heard growing up back in England. So when it comes time to put her new sissy husband on display in front of her new fuck-toy, Dahlia spares no expense. She has all the feminine trappings ready for Jimmy: makeup, wig, panties, stockings. If you're going to start a new career as a cocksucker, you should dress for the job you want. Shining the fleshy dome of his wife's new suitor may not be the job Jimmy dreamed of when he went to college, but it turns out that he is singularly qualified for this dirty job! Enter Cum eating cuckolds

Big (2 min) clip from Brutal Boss. Click on "Play" arrow to watch the clip:

Big clip from Ballbusting Pornstars :

Enter Ballbusting Pornstars

Big clip from lesbodom site Wired Pussy

Big clip from lesbodom site Wired Pussy

Updates of other good femdom sites :

Club Dom - 02/16/2010
Featuring Mistresses: Eden
Eden quit her job as an accounting clerk. The only woman who move up in that office are the ones who sleep with the womanizing boss. Eden has been working as a high class girl instead. If she is going to entertain men for a living it is going to be for a lot more money than measly office wages. A week later Eden shows up to meet a client at a hotel. Holy cow! To Eden's surprise the client is the sleaze bag of a boss that she used to work for. Eden's former boss can't believe his luck. The arrogant sob actually thinks he is finally going to get the blow job he has always wanted from Eden. "Not so fast." Eden tells the loser. She has a payback in mind. Eden reminds him that he has a wife, a huge bank account and high profile job to protect. She threatens to blow the whistle on his escapades. The boss begs her not to. He is willing to do anything for Eden to keep his escapades a secret. Eden smiles. She picks up the phone and calls her driver. "You know that $20.00 blow job you are always looking for...." Sure enough, the body guard's dick is soon in Eden's boss's mouth. Eden demands that the slut deep throat the huge cock. She takes great delight in watching her boss struggle to get all 9 inches in his mouth. Then the body guard shoots a huge load all over the slut's face. Eden grabs the slut by the back of this head and makes him take it in the face and then lick up every drop. The body guard says, "I only have $5.00." Eden snatches up the bill and looks at her boss with cum dripping out of his mouth. "That is more than enough." She says laughing. Eden decides that she is going to stop by the sleaze bag's office every Friday with a new boyd guard.

Enter Club Dom ==============================

Mistress Jennifer - February 15, 2010 - Mistress Autumn stands tall in her black boots and quickly fastens a dozen clothespins up the sides of Her standing slut. She bends low in front of him and displays Her ass and tells him now he will take more pain in his nipples for Her. She attaches the nipple clamps and pulls on them to make him scream. She stares him straight in the eye and removes Her bra and allows him a bit of breast worship and then whips his ass soundly. She tells him it is time for his monthly milking and She will get all the poisen from his balls out and he is to ejaculate onto Her black boot. His swollen balls, locked in a cock ring, are ready to burst, She removes Her red panties and She gently strokes his cock and stops several times before commanding him to cum. He shoots an enormous load, most of it stays on her boot. She keeps milking long after he has cum to make him suffer and then wipes the load from his boot with Her panties and stuffs them into his mouth.

Enter Mistress Jennifer

Deadly Dommes - 14 of Feb, 2010 - Masturbation control POV clip - Mistress Jacky teases YOU and teaches you to TORMENT YOURSELF while watching her!!! YOU are a loser! YOU can only sit and watch because you are at home all alone! Watch Jacky, the sexiest woman on earth tease and torment you! Lenght: 4 min. 41 sec.

Enter Deadly Dommes

Pantyhose Supremacy - 15 of Feb, 2010 - Mistress Jade looks stunning in lingeries, pantyhose and backless black high heels. She chastises footboy and tells him She knows he has been playing in pantyhose next door as She has seen him through the window. She orders him to tongue between Her feet and shoe and then dominates him with Her feet. She jams them far down his throat while he is on his knees and then orders him to his back for more punishment under Her nylon feet. She spits down his throat and then sits heavily on his stomach and jams both feet down this throat.

Enter Pantyhose Supremacy

Rapturevision - 02/15/2010 - Mistress Mona quickly binds her slave's hands to his seat before forcing him to participate in one of the cruelest games ever created! Rules are simple; The blindfolded slave must correctly guess where Mona is hovering (over the slave's body) her Violet Wand and Wartenberg Wheel. If not, he'll be be rewarded -- or punished -- with large doses of high voltage electricity and torturous pricks to his rock and nips

Enter Rapturevision

Young Femdom - Where is the Security ? 2 girls playing on the rooff of an old building. The building is prohibited, and unsafe to enter. Therefore it is guarded by a security service. A security staff discovered the girls and called her on the roof and the building deserted. But the girls have something completely different in the sense ... Trampling, Bodyjumping, Kicking, Faceslapping, Nipple Torture, Whipping with cable, whip and spoon. 166 Pictures and 18.00 min. Videoclip

Femdom TGP - updated. many new galleries added. No blind links. Enter Femdom TGP - 10000's free pictures and movies in free archives

Humiliation POV - 02/15/2010
I knew you fucking losers were way too cheap but I have decided to give you my edited version of part two of this clip.
I will tease you and taunt you with my hot body. I will shake my booty in this short mini skirt until you spooge your pants. I am way too hot to show you my naked body. You are a fucking pathetic loser. You are nothing more than a wallet to me. I am your reason for living. Tribute me or die LOSERS!

Enter Humiliation POV -

Lady Sonia - This young man called around for an interview with my husband for the job of labourer on the his Brighton seafront development but as he turned up early and my husband Charles hadn’t arrived back here I took the opportunity to take the young man over to the annex so that I could tie him up and then go to work on his throbbing young cock… A virile young man who hasn’t ejaculated for several days can be a LOT of fun to tease and excite and when he is tied up and helpless as I play with his throbbing erection I can bring him right to the very brink with my expert hands before forcing him to shoot ALL of his sperm in HUGE thick torrents as I milk him dry

Enter Lady Sonia

Princess Kali updated -

Best Femdom Video - Mistress Christina takes slave Spartacus on a 51 minute ride to anal heaven. The six foot tall blonde Amazon starts out humiliating him on the stairs and making him Her tongue slave, then moves him over the horse to insert a curved vibrating prostate massager. She straddles his back then moves behin ....


Club Stiletto - February 14, 2010 - Updated
Foot Dom United - 2010-02-16 - Mistress April sips on a glass of wine and rests her legs on her human foot stool before she orders him to lick her shoes clean and remove them to worship on her stockings feet

The English Mansion - 16 of February - Panty Patrol Punishment Featuring Lady Nina Birch & Mistress Sidonia - Brought in for questioning by the local female patrol, a man is interrogated about complaints of underwear being stolen from resident's gardens. The interview is fierce and unrelenting, with the suspect being stripped, tied up, abused and used as an unconventional truncheon stand. Beware, they always get their man!
The English Mansion - 15 of February -Vixen's Shocking SpreeFeaturing Mistress Vixen - Mistress Vixen wants to play with her electric toys and the slave is in for a rough ride. She starts with the violet wand, tormenting his very sensitive nipples and balls, before moving onto the Eros-tec and electrifying his cock and balls. Showing her usual brand of intense sadism, Mistress then inserts an electrified butt plug into the slave, which is controlled by a mike placed close to his... Enter The English Mansion

Mean Bitches - Feb 16 - Mean Bride Eva Angelina 4 - 1 video + 20 pictures

Mean Amazon Bitches - Feb 16 - Kelly Devine 1 - 1 video + 20 pictures

Deviant David - Feb 16 - Flower Tucci 2_2 - 1 video + 20 pictures

Mean Dungeon - Feb 16 - Mistress Sydnee Capri 1 - 1 video + 20 pictures

XXX Photo Contest - new photos added. Very big and absolutely free archives. 15 femdom categories. Enter XXX Photo Contest

New! Updates for February 12, 2010.
Good 2 min. clip from Divine Bitches
Perverted panty thief is caught stealing, masturbating and sniffing panties in a lingerie store dressing room. Aiden Starr is the sexy shop girl who is going to cure this panty pig of his dirty habit. He will never leave his man slime in her store again! He is caned, paddled, plugged and made to wear dirty panties. As if that's not enough she blackmails him, ties him up with silky nylons and teases his cock to the brink of orgasm with her nyloned feet. He is made to teeter on the edge of orgasm with just a few strokes of her toes and made to watch her get herself off. She then commands him to cum and leaves him there covered in his own filth for the ladies to find in the morning! This update includes panty fetish, foot fetish, stocking fetish, caning, paddling, bondage, CBT and humiliation. To download the clip (18MB - 2 minutes) click on the picture) :

Enter Divine Bitches

Exclusive big ballbusting clip from Rapturevision

Enter from Rapturevision

Big exclusive clip from Princess Kali : Click on tyhe picture to watch clip :

Enter Princess Kali

Exclusive and very big (75MB) clip from Club Stiletto (click on the picture to download) :

Enter Club Stiletto

Very interesting and big (4 minutes) BDSM 3D clip from 3D Kink

Enter 3D Kink

New! Updates for February 08, 2010.
Hi guys(girls)! Had no time to update the page for a 3 days and will no have time next 2 days, so today you get a lot of free videos. Enjoy.

Exclusive and very big (70MB) clip from Club Stiletto (click on the picture to download) :

A few old clips from Divine Bitches you didn't watch yet (now they direct links and I don't need to download it every time, so I can post it easy):

1. Three new pledges desperately want training by Maitresse Madeline and The Divine Bitches. These worms are put through the ringer by Maitresse and her assistant Madison Young. They are hooked up to cock milking machines while flogged caned and zippers are ... (Please give to these FLV videos time to download - you will see a picture and a "Play" arrow - click on it and watch.)

Direct link to the video HERE

2. Divine Bitch Mistress Dragonlily Worm Kade Day three of training for Kade has only become harder Kade is made into a complete foot service slut by foot dom Mistress Dragonlily. If youre into foot worship you will love the ball gag nail polish holder... (Please give to these FLV video time to download - you will see a picture and a "Play" arrow - click on it and watch.)

Direct link to the video HERE

3. Divine Bitch Mistress Ashley Fires Bitchboy Jason Miller Mistress Ashley Fires unleashes like weve never seen her do before Bitchboy Jason Miller has his ass perched up high and exposed while in chastity. Ashley warms up by giving him a heavy flogging... (Please give to these FLV video time to download - you will see a picture and a "Play" arrow - click on it and watch.)

Direct link to the video HERE

CEO Alexis Golden is sick and tired of the bike messenger delivering her mail late everyday. Its safe to say this will be the last day hes ever late again Alexis uses him like her personal little bitch toy. She bends him over her desk pulling his pants hu...(Please give to these FLV video time to download - you will see a picture and a "Play" arrow - click on it and watch.)

Direct link to the video HERE

Exclusive big strapon clip from Rapturevision

Enter Rapturevision

Good big cuckold clip from Cum eating cuckolds : Jimmy returned from his bride-finding mission in India only to find a burglar in his house, brazenly taking advantage of Jimmy's absence. Being so close to his dream, Jimmy was more than willing to roll over and play dead in the face of danger. His new wife Maya felt differently. She felt a strange stirring in her Kundalini at the sight of the fierce intruder forcing her new husband to his knees. Lord Shiva works in mysterious ways, it seems. When the thief demands that she undress for him, she isn't entirely upset at the prospect...

Updates of other good femdom sites :

Club Dom - 02/08/2010
Featuring Mistresses: Natasha
Natasha loves ass worship. The sensation of a man's tongue in her ass turns her. So does that fact that she can order a man to do it. Natasha has one of her slut's in a chastity device with a shocker caller around his balls. She gives him a good jolt to her balls to remind him who the boss is. Then she tells him to get busy. The slave better remember how she likes her ass worshipped. Natasha shocks the slut in the balls again and tells him, "Deeper! Harder" She smiles as her slut tongues her ass to orgasm. The camera comes in close up you can see exactly how Natasha likes her ass to be worshipped
Enter Club Dom ==============================

Featuring Mistresses: BriannaLexi
Lexi is home from college and has brought her boyfriend with her. She has been dying to get him alone. As they are making out, she takes his pants down. She has been waiting for this for so long. Then she reaches her hand down to stroke his cock. She can't find it. What is wrong she wonders as she looks down to find the smallest pecker imaginable. Lexi is in disbelief. She doesn't know whether to laugh or cry. She tells her boyfriend to wait for just a minute. When Lexi returns it is with her older sister and her older sister's boyfriend. Lexi's older sister is laughing so hard her face is turning red. She can't believe the nerve of this tiny dicked jerk. "What did you think you were going to do with that tiny thing?" She asks. Just in case there is any confusion Brianna takes her boyfriend's pants down. "This is a dick." She says, "This is a dicklett." Lexi's boyfriend is going along with the show. The loser is still clinging to the hope that he might get laid. Lexi douses that wet dream when she pulls out a camera. "These photos are going all over campus." She announces, snapping a way.

Enter Club Dom ==============================

Mistress Jennifer - February 6, 2010 - Mistress Autumn orgasms over and over as Her tongue slave is guided in and out of Her pussy and controlled at the head. With his hands behind his back and a photo model Dominatrix’s wet pussy in his face he is in heaven and so is She. She finishes with a big orgasm and then has him slowly lick Her very sensitive pussy lips up and down to conclude our best pussy worship scene ever. Now in a different outfit and shiny black boots, Mistress Autumn orders Her slave to lick the boots and then uses them to kick his ass over and over as he is locked in the standing stocks.

Enter Mistress Jennifer

Pantyhose Supremacy - 06 of Feb, 2010 - Mistress Hollie flips marco to his back and spreads his legs out in stirrups. She eases between his legs and jams Her strap-on back into marco’s hole. She pulls out and changes to the big black dildo and he takes the enormous missile deep into his hole. She leans in and starts stroking his cock. He gets very hard very quickly. He is screaming now as She strokes his cock and She grins widely as several jets of thick white cum spray from the tip. Her rubber gloved hand does not stop milking until he has unloaded every drop from his balls with his ass still clenched around the gigantic cock of Mistress Hollie Stevens. She rises and makes him kiss the cock that fucked him.

Enter Pantyhose Supremacy

Rapturevision - 02/08/2010 - Mistress Vivian tries to cope with her troubled slave who seems to be having difficulty absorbing the Domme's painful implements. After suffering unbearable caning, the slave lightly begs for less pain. However, the Mistress will have none of it! In fact, after having tried the cane, she immediately switches to her brutal flogger and punishes his red ass even further without remorse or pity! Enjoy!

Enter Rapturevision

Young Femdom - Spies no mercy Where are the secret documents ? But the army officer dont want to give the spies. Therefore, the spies kidnap his brother in order to blackmail him with it.Then suffer the army officer and his brother tortured torment of torments, and improve the transfer. 122 Pictures and 18.00 min. Videoclip

Femdom TGP - updated. many new galleries added. No blind links. Enter Femdom TGP - 10000's free pictures and movies in free archives

Humiliation POV - 02/07/2010
Look at my ass in my new jeans, isn’t it fabulous! I have soooo many creeps like you following me around staring at my ass. So gross! I would never let a loser like you near my perfect ass.
My ass is so tight and so wonderful. Maybe if you stay far enough away I will let you touch your pathetic little dicklet. Only real men can have my ass. You have to pay just to look at it. I think I’ll show you my ass, watch me peel down these tight jeans, as you sit there and drool, fool!

Enter Humiliation POV -

Princess Kali - "Locked into a cock cage and strapped to a chair, Princess Kali's submissive gets a face full of boots and barefoot toes. In a hot latex dress, She clamps his nipples and slaps his body with a stingy strap then sits down, peels off Her thigh-high boots and stuffs Her toes into his mouth. Part two coming next week!"

Best Femdom Video - Mistress Jade shows footboy some serious wrestling moves involving his face in Her crotch as She squeezes him tight between Her young, firm thighs. She rolls him to his back and sits on his arms and slaps him many many times in the face. Turning quickly She queens him, nearly smothering the life out of him. Moving to the couch it is time to tie up his cock. She grabs his cock and balls through the pantyhose and expertly ties it up so his balls are bulging. She order him to bend over the couch and paddles him and then climbs on his back and whacks his ass hard. Flat on his back now on the couch, he is treated to his Mistresses’ two feet working over his face and on his sore balls.

Club Stiletto - February 07, 2010 - Mistress Jasmine looks tremendous in her latex Police uniform as she takes pony kenny and rides him like the cruel sadistic Mistress she is. She kicks him with spurs and whips him with her crop... often hitting him in the balls which makes her pony collapse in agony... but Jasmine forces him to continue carrying her even though he is really crippled from the ball whipping. Pony kenny started off in good condition when the ride started, but by the end he was just a damaged, poor little pony.
Enter Club Stiletto

We are amazed at how such a cute and adorable Goddess such as Goddess Therapy can be so nasty to her slaves. She is relaxing and enjoying a glass of wine and cigarette while her foot slaves worship her feet. She makes them lick, suck and adore every inch of her pretty feet except when she heeds to use one of the slaves as a human ashtray. She talks to the slaves like they are nothing but little piggies with the way they are moaning and adoring her feet. She even makes them compete to see who is the best foot slave.Enter Club Stiletto
Foot Dom United - 2010-02-08 - Boot Slaves - Mistress Olive is having her slave girl down on her knees in front of her to adore and worship on her boots as she presses her cheeks against the buckles of her boots before kissing all over them

The English Mansion - 8 of February - Mistress Vixen wants to play with her electric toys and the slave is in for a rough ride. She starts with the violet wand, tormenting his very sensitive nipples and balls, before moving onto the Eros-tec and electrifying his cock and balls. Showing her usual brand of intense sadism, Mistress then inserts an electrified butt plug into the slave, which is controlled by a mike placed close to his ...

The English Mansion - 07 of February - Tonight is the tenth anniversary of Eve Harper and Nina Birch's friendship, a day that changed their lives forever. They reminisce about the time Eve first walked in and saw Nina's sissyfied husband. A flashback takes us back and shows an intimate view of the punishment, training and ideas born out of that fateful day.
Enter The English Mansion

Mean Bitches - Feb 08 - Male Stripper Slave 9 - Jessica Bangkok- 1 video + 20 pictures

Mean Amazon Bitches - Feb 08 - Amazon Party Girl 11 - 1 video + 20 pictures

Deviant David - Feb 08 - Sophie Dee 12 - 1 video + 20 pictures

Mean Dungeon - Feb 08 - Brooke Banner 15 - 1 video + 20 pictures

XXX Photo Contest - new photos added. Very big and absolutely free archives. 15 femdom categories. Enter XXX Photo Contest

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